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Let's Talk About Race: Part 1: Implicit Bias

Let's Talk About Race: Part 1: Implicit Bias

Tuesday, August 18, 2020
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Zoom Web Presentation
Adults Teens
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In this series, we will talk about different aspects of race in America.  

Part 1: Implicit Bias: we will talk about what implicit bias is, how it manifests itself and why it happens

Part 2: Institutional and Structural Racism: a look at past and present practices and systems

Part 3: Ways to Combat Racism: we will talk about resources, organizations and things you can do in your community to combat racism

Part 4: For Your Information: Resources about Learning About Racism in America

Please join us for one or all of the topics in this series. Each program will present information on the associated topic as well as provide time to have a thoughtful discussion.

This online program uses the Zoom livestreaming platform. It will require access to a computer, mobile device with the Zoom app installed, and/or a phone for audio-only access.

Registration with an email is required in order to receive information on how to connect. The email will be sent three (3) hours prior to the scheduled start time of the program.

Registration is required. There are 84 seats available.

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